Work Experience

Careers and Work experience

The Careers Education and Guidance programme at FreshSteps aims to prepare young people for the world of work and to provide them with a general understanding of the opportunities and challenges.

The school has an up-to-date and comprehensive stock of careers literature, both general and specific. All pamphlets, brochures and books are available for pupils to browse through and to borrow.

Students begin their careers programme in Year 9 when they discuss career options and make decisions about potential colleges they would like to attend

Guidance at this stage is generally through the PSHE curriculum. However, careers advisers from LBE are available for consultation. Our careers advisor visits the school at least once a month or when needed.


Pupils continue the programme during weekly tutor periods. The sessions offer pupils the opportunity to consider the world of work and their own role in it. They are encouraged to use the information services and staff to fully research areas that are of interest to them.


This programme continues into Year 11. During this time all students are interviewed by Careers Advisers. Pupils receive follow-up help and guidance until they are decided about their future career paths.

FreshSteps also provides work experience, we have been involved with the royal army; putting some of our children on a three day residential for them to experience what their future could possibly hold. We are also involved with an accountant firm Golding & Associates who have taken on some of our students for them to experience work force skills and living in the wider world, which links in to our PSHE units.

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