Updating Details

Updating Personal Details

Parents / Carers

Would you like a text message reminder about Target setting days?

Would you like to be informed by text message if your child is absent or late?

Would you like to be informed about behaviour if your child has been removed from a class?

In order to keep us updated with your personal details, all you need to do is email – FreshSteps and give us your name, mobile number and email address. You can also use this service to inform us of changes to your personal details.


Keeping Parents/Carers up to date

Now it’s easy to get involved with your child’s school life! It’s simple…

FreshSteps now uses texting service Teacher2Parent to keep our parents up to date with the latest information about their child and their child’s school.

You can receive text message updates about the following;

  • Target setting days
  • If your child is absent or late
  • Your child’s behaviour if he/she has been removed from a class
  • Positive updates about your child’s improvements and progress