Rewards and Awards

At FreshSteps our Awards and Rewards are one of the ways we demonstrate that we CARE. We set out to encourage a sense of belonging, community and ownership. When students, in some way, know that they are part of the school society, then it can only assist in the creation and maintenance of a happy and stable atmosphere.

The school is continually developing and extending a range of events and activities which will encourage that sense of belonging. Rewards will be given in as many areas of school life as possible (so they are accessible for all students) and form a continuous process throughout the school year. Rewards are applied by teachers but are triggered by students. Most importantly, we must praise students who simply make the most of their learning in lessons every day.

Golden Stars

Golden Stars is a way of rewarding students on their work. This system allows teachers to reward students with points, the amount of stars a student gets will reflect in the awards that they receive.

Teachers reward student’s praises in school. Each praise is converted to a Golden Star and transferred into the award folder. Students can then find out how much golden stars they have received over the term and then cash them in for an unforgettable surprise.

Ways to earn Certificates

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    Reward for achievement

    Teachers will reward praises in lessons for excellent engagement with learning. ​

  • 100%Attendance per week
  • 100% Punctuality per week
  • Excellent Behaviour
  • Excellent Effort
  • Extra-Curricular Involvement
  • Organising, Leading or Representing at an Event
  • Outstanding Work
  • Sporting Achievement
  • Winning Competitions



Praise on Teachers2Parents Text message service

Our School has a very useful Teachers2Parents text messaging service which we use to keep parents up to date with what goes on at school. We use this service to inform parents of the positive progress that their child is making as well as anything that might be a cause for concern.

School Awards

FreshSteps Education Centre holds numerous reward trips, which involves many educational trips to The British Museum and also to London Zoo. However, we also take our students on more relaxing trips to the cinema and bowling as well as for a meal. This enables the students to feel rewarded educationally but also in a way which suits them as well. This helps our teachers connect to the students as they get to experience the personalities of their student outside the school environment. We here at FreshSteps have noticed that this system of interacting with students outside the school environment allows them to gain a level of respect and appreciation for their teachers which they display whilst in the school environment.


Achievement certificates
Achievement medals