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The Aims of the Department

  • To provide students with access to a subject, which gives a means of communication that is powerful and unambiguous.
  • To encourage systematic thought and logical patterns of work.
  • To provide a mathematical environment in which a student may reach his or her maximum levels of achievement and understanding.
  • To help each student develop to his or her optimum, an appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics as a subject in its own right, so enabling future progression in the subject.
  • To work on a basis of reinforcement of success rather than reinforcement of failure.
  • To develop independent thinking, pride in own work and co-operation between students.

Years 7 & 8

Students are taught in ability groups following the Level-Up series.

Years 9, 10 & 11

Students will follow the GCSE or Functional Skills specifications, depending on their ability, for the AQA board.

  • Each room has an interactive whiteboard.
  • We use are school website to remind students of homework and when it is due.


  • Educational trips for all key stages (e.g. British Museum).
  • Maths Club.
  • Maths competitions – both internal (e.g. Year 7 Maths Quiz) and external (eg National Maths Challenge).
  • After school revision sessions.
  • Holiday revision sessions.

Useful Links

  • BBC Skillwise aimed at: key stages 3 and 4 – A fantastic website from the BBC which is aimed at bringing you up to speed with all the key skills that students need to succeed at maths today.
  • Nrich Maths  aimed at: All key stages. These puzzles teach children how to think and solve problems for themselves, which are essential skills for success at maths and all subjects. Each puzzle comes complete with a worked answer and details of the thought processes involved.
  • Plymouth CIMT Help Modules aimed at: Key stages 3 & 4. More often than not there will be one particular topic that a child just cannot get his head around, and the chances are it will be one of the ones tackled by this site.
  • BBC Bitesize Maths  aimed at: Key stage 4. This is most pupil’s first port of call for help on the internet. There are plenty of notes, examples, interactive solutions, and questions for pupils to have a go themselves.
  • Cool Math This fully interactive site and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts.

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