Reading, Writing, Communication & Maths


At FreshSteps, we have always been committed to developing the life chances of all our students and believe that in order to do this, it is absolutely essential to ensure that all students have a firm grasp of Reading, Writing, Communication and Mathematical skills – or what we commonly term Literacy and Numeracy.

Many of our students referred come with below reading, writing and maths ages.

The school uses “Catch Up” to support students who enter FreshSteps below Level 4 in Maths and/or Reading in a variety of ways including those set out below.

For full details please do not hesitate to contact the Head teacher.

This is achieved in several key ways:

  • Literacy and Numeracy are promoted and reinforced in every single subject with a sharp emphasis placed on Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Maths. Our Aims &Ethos forms part of this push as evidenced by high quality displays in all classrooms and corridors. All subjects display key terminology and this helps students relate these key skills to a particular area of the curriculum.
  • English and Maths lessons have a strong priority with a high amount of curriculum time allocated to these two key subjects. If students are struggling in these areas, extra lessons are also timetabled.
  • We recognise that students acquire Literacy and Numeracy skills at different times and at different rates.
  • If students are particularly finding a key aspect of RWCM challenging, we put on a whole variety of Interventions both inside and outside the classroom. These may be delivered by the SEN teacher via highly specialised programmes including Multi-sensory Phonics and Reading scheme TOE TO TOE Recovery or by the English and Maths teams who have a long and successful tradition of getting excellent results from all our students– measured by both attainment and progress.
  • Even in tutor time and PSHE, we organise a range of fun and engaging activities to promote Literacy and Numeracy such as Spelling tests and Maths Challenge.