Analysing evidence

Subject Overview

The world we live in is changing. The Internet has transformed the way we live, work and communicate. People are living longer and moving more freely between countries.

To seize the opportunities and solve the problems associated with these changes, there is a need for people with Scientific Skills: engineers, chemists, doctors, computer scientists, physicists and countless others who will contribute to the world’s future.

Science at FreshSteps is NEW and our curriculum it offers a variety of courses in GCSE. Studying Science prepares you with the fundamental skills which will give you the flexibility to explore different careers throughout your life.

Our schemes of work support the themes of the National Curriculum:

  • Scientific Enquiry.
  • Life Processes and Living Things.
  • Materials and their Properties.
  • Physical Processes.
  • In year 7 & 8 students follow an alternative KS3 science programme
  • In year 9 pupils study AQA Entry Level Science
  • In year 10 & 11 students study AQA GCSE


Lessons involve:

Science Practical’s

Group activities

Science quizzes for assessments

Using the wider community for field trips for Ecological studies

Educational trips (Science Museum, Coca-Cola factory)