“…teaching and learning is good, staff have very high expectations to which students respond well...” OFSTED, April 2010 and 2013









FreshSteps uses a more untraditional ‘on the spot’ mentoring strategy. Students’ issues are dealt with immediately on the spot, whether the issue is between two students or a larger group. This has proven to be very successful over the years, students feel safe as their issues are not left until the end of the day. This intern means that students do not feel stressed which can lead to disruptive behaviour in lessons.

The community that our students are in may mean that they get caught up in being approached on the way to school by ‘gangs’ or other young people.

Our methods minimise disruptive lessons and insecurities of feeling ‘unsafe’ or not listened too. Mentors also use ‘Restorative justice’ which follows through our aims and ethos ‘to provide an environment which is stimulating and free from unacceptable risks’

Mentors/TA’s also support SEN students in class.