Student Leaders

At FreshSteps, we understand the importance of our students’ views and opinions and provide an opportunity for discussion on important issues

This role is to consult with their peers over issues that arise at school and report back to the school staff meetings

We provide our students with the opportunity to take on more responsibility within the school. Prospective candidates must undergo election for the role and will be voted in by staff and students.

All students will write a summary about why they should be chosen and what skills they can offer to the ‘post’. This is then read out by each student during whole school tutor time.

Prefects, will wear distinctive lanyards and have additional responsibilities involving work with students and staff. Prefects also attend meeting with Staff members.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Additionally, there are opportunities to become Anti-bullying ambassadors. Ambassadors are appointed to promote particular good behaviour around the school and in their community and are trained and engaged in a range of activities. They ensure that the schools ethos is followed which is to help’ provide and environment which is stimulating and free from unacceptable risk’