Accessibility Plan Policy

Policy on Disability and Incorporating an Accessibility Plan

Revised September 2015-2018 


FreshSteps Education Centre is committed to providing an alternative curriculum to as many students as possible and aims “to enable all young people to achieve their full potential, academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually” (school aims). In particular the Headteacher recognises its responsibility under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) which prevents discrimination against disabled people in their access to education.

The Headteacher recognises its duty under the DDA (as amended by the SEN and Disability Act).


  • To promote equality for disabled students in their admissions and exclusions, and provision of education and teaching and learning
  • To treat disabled students as favorably
  • To take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled students at a substantial disadvantage
  • To publish an Accessibility Plan.


Accordingly, the school will:

Put in place a plan that has three inter-linked elements

Improvements in access to the curriculum by:

  • Providing for all students a curriculum which is appropriate to their needs.
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is delivered in such a way that all students, regardless of any impairment, may benefit fully from it.
Physical improvements to increase access to education and associated services by:

  • Ensuring that all the buildings and grounds are fully accessible to students with mobility, sensory and other impairments.
Improvements in the provision of information in a range of formats for disabled students by:

  • Providing for students and their parents/carers information about the school and its curriculum in a format that takes account of any disabilities.

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