Curriculum Policy

Policy on Curriculum


FreshSteps Education Centre fully recognises its responsibilities towards our alternative curriculum and that we have an active role to ensure it provides pupils and the community that works with us with opportunities for discovery and achievement. We seek to use our alternative curriculum to raise achievement in all subjects, but particularly in Literacy and Numeracy. To equip learners with the personal, learning, thinking and enterprise (PLTEs) skills that they will need to succeed in education, life and work. We recognise that access to the curriculum is an entitlement for everyone and we aim to ensure that it meets the needs, abilities and aspirations of all our pupils.


  1. To provide pupils with a rich alternative curriculum as a platform for learning;
  2. To promote pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development;
  3. To foster pupils’ creativity and develop essential Personal, Learning Thinking and Enterprise skills (PLTEs);
  4. To ensure that pupils develop and apply essential Literacy, Numeracy and ICT, Scientific and artistic skills in the form of Functional skills (FS);
  5. To emphasise the Every Child Matters outcomes;
  6. To inspire pupils to a commitment to learning which will last a lifetime
  7. To promote high standards in all learning and teaching.
  8. To promote a environment which is conducive to learning safe and free from unacceptable risks.
  9. To promote a positive secure environment that values students’ independence and individuality
  10. To Promote an appreciation for life in Modern Britain


Accordingly, FreshSteps will:

  • Provide an alternative curriculum that promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils.
  • Emphasise our values and ethos to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • Provide Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship (PSHC) to develop pupils’ personal qualities and skills and understanding of society and its values.
  • Provide a programme of cultural and sporting activities as part of the extended services curriculum to which we will encourage all pupils to take part.
  • Provide pertinent information, advice and guidance to pupils to enable a smooth transition with FreshSteps and FE partners.
  • Ensure that a range of forms of assessment and differentiation are used to support teaching and learning with impact on progress and enjoyment for all pupils.
  • Ensure that homework extends learning and is challenging and needs-led.
  • Personalise the curriculum offered so that all students receive a needs-led and individualised programme of study allowing them to enjoy and achieve.
  • Promote and emphases healthy living.
  • Use links with partners and the local community to emphasise economic awareness and wellbeing.
  • Use safeguarding structures to create an environment that allows students to feel safe and secure and listened to.



  1. The teacher/s with responsibility for curriculum will work with the Headteacher to ensure the school’s policy and procedures are reviewed and updated annually or on a two year period in line with statutory requirements and guidelines.
  2. Evaluations and feedback from student, staff and parent perception questionnaires will inform curriculum review and development.


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