SMSC Policy


At FreshSteps we aim to maintain a community where everyone within FreshSteps treats one another with courtesy, tolerance and respect. We believe in the importance of encouraging students to behave in a caring, cooperative and reflective manner. Students are expected to develop a clear sense of rights and responsibilities and to reflect on their practice. We are proud of the multi-cultural, multi-faith nature of our community. Collective Reflection in the Centre will reflect our community, embracing all faith and non-faith members of FreshSteps. We aim to promote British values and prepare students at FreshSteps for an appreciation of life in modern Britain.

  1. To provide an opportunity for reflection in the school day/week
  2. To promote tolerance and respect for others
  3. To promote an atmosphere of trust and understanding.
  4. To develop sympathy and understanding for others.
  5. To raise awareness and higher thought.
  6. To help our students develop their spiritual, moral and cultural knowledge and understanding.
Accordingly, FreshSteps will:
  1. Organise a Weekly period of reflection
  2. Publish a programme with themes
  3. Students will read the Magna Carta where it may be used as an alternative to an individual reflection when appropriate.
  4. An opportunity for students to reflect and will use the themes as a focus for this reflection.
  5. Ensure that planned lessons and extracurricular will be free from religious views. Where any political issues are discussed a balanced view is ALWAYS to be discussed.
  1. The school will review the calendar each year to ensure that the themes reflect the school community and local, national and world events.
  1. The Headteacher will evaluate the effectiveness of their reflection in PSHE/SMSC on a termly basis.
  2. Tutors will evaluate the effectiveness of the reflection in the tutor/teaching time on a termly basis.